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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Asian Event

Hi my lovely bloggerines,

Few days ago I was in the garden of the School of law, here at ANU, waiting for my classes. Luckly, I decided to go to uni a bit earlier and the surprise I found was awesome. A magnificent asian event in the garned.
It was awesome ;)
Typical food, clothes and dances. All the people dressed up for the event!
Wonderful fabrics, beautiful colours. All the dresses were perfectly detailed. 

Traditional Clothes

Fabrics and scarves

Traditional Clothes

Detail of a female traditional clothes

People dancing in the garden of the School of Law

Interviews in the School of Law garden

I was not wearing anything relates to the event. My clothes were a bit more western that theirs ;)

Persol sunglasses, Doudou bag and key neckless

Studded pink ballerinas (lovely)

Two rings and two necklesses:
heart gold ring and claw silver ring
Heart silver neckless and jey silver neckless

Doudou bad and studded ballerinsa in the sun

Zara floreal jumper , necklesses, Blue trousers by NYC and studded balletinas

xoxo Bibi

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Delivery Rings

Hi my lovely bloggerines,

Some days ago I ordered a  bunch of rings online causeiI lost my lovely and loved claw ring that I bought in a vintage market. While I was online i thought that just replacing my ring was not enough and so I decided to buy more rings. Since I bought by different sellers, only one of my orders has already arrived. 
These are my new claw rings. I paid something like $2 for six rings (quite a bargain) considering that i bought the old one for $5 (and at the time it seemed to me so cheap)!
Anyway, i'm still waiting for the others...

These six rings are half in simil silver and half in simil gold, they are all adjustable. 

xoxo Bibi

Sunny Day

Hi my lovely bloggerines,

I've been around in Campus during those days due to lectures and tutorials ;) Anyway, here in Australia is full spring now and it is definitely hot (even if today is too windy for me)... 

It's so funny because in Italy in these days is foggy and cloudy while here is amazing, and it is going to be even better.

Since it's hot and sunny I thought that the best outfit to be both confortable and cute would have been a maxi skirt. I totally love maxi skirt. They cover all your legs so no problems if you are in Uni and you do not want to show your 'bum' to everybody around.

Since it was so hot I wore the maxi skirt with a super cute vest I bought in Melbourne during the spring break. I found it in a vintage market. It's so pretty and unique. i think it's handmade, anyway is really difficult to find another which is the same. 

Then a big bag (as usual) and sleepers (too confortable). Sun glasses and rings.

As you can see it is a really long skirt, totally black and pleated. It's from Valleygirl. I was wearing it with a belt, really thin, crossed, simil suede with gold details to sharpen the waist. Then the vest. It's a orange-caki vest from FAKE (the brand is so cute caise the simbol is a cage with two little birds inside). It's a printed vest (there's the cute face of a Basset Hound in black and white). You cannot see but the vest is pretty long and countersunk. My black velvet sleepers from Cotton On and my Persol sunglasses. a bunch of rings as usual (the heart one and the claw, all in gold).
My big everyday bag is from DouDou, it's a washed-out caki green, with several pockets am├Čnd the printed brand on the front. There are two little handles and a long shoulder belt. and my hair seems even more red than usual :)

Hope you enjoy the casual-pretty look. 

xoxo Bibi

Monday, 15 October 2012

OOTD: Beanie Passion

Hi my lovely bloggerines, 

Today's my birthday...I'm turning 22! I feel so 'old' now :) Definitely ready to celebrate with some friends here in Asutralia and then celebrate again when I'll be back in Italy and I've just planned to celebrate my birthday again with my boyfriend in December when I'll go to NY to visit him for few days  :) Lots of birthdays' celebration this year ;)

Anyway, on Friday I went to uni for some lectures and this was my confortable outfit. Beanie included. I LOVE beanies - as you have seen in my A/W Wish List. They are confortable, add something more to your outfit and are perfect for windy and rainy days.


Grey wool beanie (similar aran cardigan weaving)
Military Jacket (Zara) - I know, always my military jacket but here in Australia I do not have so many things with me...I'll do my best back home :)
Grey&White Melange Jumper cut-out in the front and studs on left shoulder(Touch - bought in a vintage market in Sydney, I guess)
Blue High Waist Skinny Jeans (Zara)
Grey-Blue Sneakers with zip on the side (Happiness)

iPhone Leopard Case (Cotton On)
Red Nail Polish (Australis Hip Hop Hooray)
Gold Heart Ring  

You can even see my UGG Boots in the background.

Here it is my tatoo experiment....I really like it (my mom doesn't)... Maybe one day I'll do it! Suggestions?

xoxo Bibi

Sunday, 14 October 2012

OOTD: Flower power

Hi my lovely bloggerines,

I should study for my 'lovely' essay but DEFINITELY I prefer to post on the blog and think about the homework later on.
SO, some days ago I went to a little shopping in the centre and found some crazy-awesome leggins. Here in Australia is getting hotter and I cannot stand wearing jeans during the day sometimes. 
I found two really transation-winter-to-spring leggins. The first is a floral print. The 'basa' colour is black but the flowers are pink, light purple, minty and baby pink. The other is a grey-black-white simil brocade print.

As you can see I was wearing my blue converse, floral leggings (factorie), a baby pink tintop (H&M) and a light blue baggy jumper (arvyst). As accesories, my DouDou military bag, Cruciani bracelet and my key chain neckless in silver.

Here I was wearing my black sleepers (rubi) - I pratically live in them, the brocade leggins (factorie), a white vest with an awesome handmade floreal print on it (it's awesome, because even if you do not wear necklesses it gives something more to the look).
As accesories my key chain neckless in silver and my DouDou bag. [and factorie shopping bag, since I decided to wear the leggins while i was in the shop...that day was so hot that could not stand my trousers anymore].

I just love fancy leggins with long vest or jumpers, above all in this season. 

Hope you enjoy,

xoxo Bibi

Friday, 12 October 2012

A/W Wish List

Hi my lovely bloggerines,

in a bit more than one month I'll come back home. So, it's time to write my A/W Wish List and be ready for NY and Xmas gifts and presents :) 

Living in Australia I should look for very summery clothes, here is getting hotter and hotter everyday BUT I'm really wainting for A/W... My brain still doesn't understand that here Spring has come and I should want to wear only shorts, maxi skirts and T-shirt. No more jumpers, trousers and coats but it is not my fault if I'm an Autumn Lover. 

Here we are, lots of things on that I've seen and want to buy almost immediately!

You can see my favourites of the season: studs, bordeaux, black, skinny jeans, ankle boots and chelsea boots, faux fur and snoods, headband and boyfriend hats, jumpers and military (even camouflage would be great) parka. And NB do not forget New Year's Eve - I know we still miss many monthes, but it is never too early to be ready for NYE. So glitters, shimmer and high heels

Hearts & Bows Stud 
Shoulder T Shirt
 Faith sandy Zip Side 
Flat Ankle Boots
ASOS Skinny Jeans Red 
Snow Wash

ASOS Faux Fur Snood
Light Brown/One Size

Miss Pom Pom Cable
Headband Pink
ASOS Mixed Knit Boyfriend
Beanie Black/One Size
Whistles Doris Colour 
Block Mohair Jumper

ASOS Army Jumper

ASOS Fur Hooded 
Detachable Lined Parka
Mango Rinse Wash
Skinny Jeans

ASOS HOPE Platform
 Heeled Sandals
ASOS PETITE Exclusive Sequin 
Bodycon Dress With Cut Out Back


Everything is still in the website where you can find all those awesome clothes and much more. As soon as I'll be back home i want to do a maxi haul on ... I still have a month to add more things to my Wish List.

And you?

xoxo Bibi

Friday, 5 October 2012

OOTD: military jacket and smoky eyes

Hi my lovely bloggerines,

this was my outfit few evenings ago :) After this long period of exams and assignments I went out with some friends to drink something (hot chocolate, I am not an alcohol lover) and chat. So nice and relaxing! 

I tried with an easy smoky eyes, so so easy really! I'm not a profesionist at all. It was a dark brown smoky with a bit of shimmery taupe in the middle. Mascara, a lot. No eyeliner. nude lipstick. A little bit of peach blush and mineral fondation. I filled my eyebrows, just because I like them more when they are dark and strong. I painted my nails with Chanel Particuliere. And above all I changed my hair line, now is the middle (I love it soooo much). I'm really happy of this because now my hair is a bit longer and my frange is gone ;) And a bit of 'curls'...


Military Studded Jacket (Zara)
Light grey Cardigan (Zara)
High waist Jeans (Zara)
Light grey Ballerinas
Silver 'Key' chain neckless
Gold Heart Ring